George S. Eliades

George S. Eliades was the founder and owner of the Ethnographical Museum and honorary Curator of the Paphos Archaeological Museum.

Born in Paphos, he married Chryso Antoniadou, they had two children, Nicholas and Fryne, and two grand-children, George and Michalis Harakis.

A cosmopolitan who spoke fluently five languages, George S. Eliades studied Ancient and Modern Greek literature and archaeology at the University of Athens.

He received scholarships from the British Embassy to study in England, Scotland, and Ireland, and courtesy of the French Embassy he also studied in France. Returning to Paphos he enjoyed teaching at the local high school and involving himself in many archeological excavations in and around the Paphos area.

For his work, he was honored by the Greek Academy of Athens, the president of the Republic of Cyprus and the Mayor of Paphos. He also received an award by the Polish Archaeological Mission for his excavation works.

George S. Eliades was a truly great man blessed with a strong personality and a true polymath. Those who met him were always impressed by his consummate knowledge, his ingenious thought processes and his excellent sense of humour.

He passed away on the 3rd of February 2007, may his soul rest in peace.