Our Exhibits

Such is the eclectic and fascinating array of artefacts, books, furniture, china glassware, and jewels on display within the museum it’s an almost impossible task to select and highlight certain items to fully illustrate the sheer treasure house that exists in this old Paphos home.

Everything, from beautifully carved wooden dowry chests, the stunning Empire mirror from Napoleons time, along with a collection of Venetian glassware, and prehistoric tools. There are pots and oil lamps from the geometric and Roman periods. A quite perfectly formed head of the God Apollo from the classic period 5th century BC is quite stunning in its simplicity of form as are the classic Amphora from both the Hellenistic and Chalcolithic periods.

Entire rooms are in situ as living examples of a period in Cyprus history, a country kitchen displays the basic tools used by the housewife of the day, and the rather romantic bedroom with old brass bed and lace coverings plus the inclusion of a barbers shop, along with a large wardrobe of traditional clothes and special costumes used for ceremonial occasions.

There’s a room dedicated to old tools, and looms that were used to weave the village rugs and cloths. Outside in the garden courtyard of the house, visitors can examine the Bosch cooker of the day which was a very efficient wood burning stone made oven, and close by there is a tomb which dates back to the end of the 3rd century BC and next to that there is a small rather intimate chapel.

The joy of the ethnographical museum is the feeling of discovery visitors have as they move through this lovely old home it’s a journey well worth taking and one that will hopefully both charm and educate our visitors on the culture of our country and its people.