Our creative role

Our Ethnographic museum houses a collection which has become for many a shared journey through which the objects speak to us in many different ways, and students who visit the museum are made aware that objects offer a natural way to cut across language and time barriers to help them understand their culture and the differences that exist within it.

In addition the museum also offers a marvellous living portfolio of ideas for artists, and designers, for those interested in textiles, costume design, furniture, and jewellery and pottery designs. Over the years we have welcomed many gifted people who have gone on to use our exhibits as a template for their own modern design works after studying some of the intricate patterns woven by village women along with the delicate lace work we have on display. Also, pieces taken from our traditional hand made silver jewellery collection have been replicated by designers, and craftsmen have long been fascinated by the folk art used on the wooden chests used to store a maiden’s dowry. This piece of decorative furniture has been an inspiration for our local craftsmen as they use the same themes and imagery but again ‘in their own contemporary style’.

This is what is so exciting about the ethnographical museum, in that the old is always being used as a reference for the new, be it in textile design, decorative arts, pottery, or as a trigger for an enthusiast in the art of embroidery as shown in the nightgowns and bed covers on display in the village bedroom.

We welcome all artists and take great pleasure in helping them access more information either through our library or via complimentary exhibits which will assist in the creation of their unique portfolio of work.