Educating the Young

‘Tell me and I forget. Show me and I remember. Involve me and I understand.’
Chinese Proverb

Here at the museum we try to capture a child’s imagination and that spirit of excitement and curiosity will hopefully last a lifetime.

We welcome school visits or private groups of children and, as the museum is within a home environment the youngsters feel less intimidated by the objects that surround them, so they fully relish the experience and many return on their own to use some of the exhibits etc for their class projects and essays etc.

It a well known fact that learning is an active process in which frameworks are constructed and organised, and all new information is linked to ones prior knowledge, founder-013and experiences, these factors along with the importance of perception in the learning process such as reading, hearing and touch are all available to our visiting students. We have a wonderful library of books which can be accessed by those working on a specific project, as well as offering additional and more in depth data which can be added to a student’s knowledge of particular exhibits. The mere act of being able to select and evaluate information is an important skill for lifelong learning and its one we here at the Ethnographical museum heartily encourage.